We had a pretty basic concrete staining done on a brand new master bedroom addition to our home. There were no reviews of V Stained Concrete on Yelp (this is the first), so I wasn’t sure whether I could trust them. But they were outstanding. The owner’s name is Jed and he has a couple of guys who help him out. All of them are very nice and respectful of our privacy and property. Jed has a great personality; outgoing, nice to our pets.

One thing that I liked about Jed is that he always made his appointment and was punctual down to the minute. This was for the estimate, the 2 days of work, and a follow up appointment we had with him. That’s pretty unheard of with home services people. I suspect his business is pretty new, but in this instance, it definitely worked in our favor. During the course of our room addition, we’ve had so many workers blow us off. Jed was not one of them. Yay!

The floors came out great and it was more inexpensive than pretty much any other floors we could have gotten ($1200 for about 350 square feet). Even though it was a brand new concrete floor, he roughed it up with a sander (day 1), then stained it, once with a dark gray and once with an ebony, then put two coats of polyurethane (matte finish) on it (day 2). The floors are dark and mottled, and I love them. Please make sure, though, that you know and like the way stained concrete looks. It’s imperfect and unpredictable, so probably not for OCD types.

Another feature I loved about working with him is that he had his workers come over and do two separate ‘test stains’ on two different small areas of our concrete. This was so I could choose which one I wanted, cause I was vacillating between two different colors. He offered this; I didn’t even have to ask. Then, once I picked the color, they sanded it off the floor and went to work.

All of that good stuff, and there’s an even MORE impressive story to share. Even though Jed explained to me multiple times that tape and concrete do NOT mix (any kind of tape, even blue painter’s tape, actually will leave an unsightly mark on the concrete), I neglected to pass that info onto my husband and two days after the floors dried, he taped some paper down so he could paint. It left big white marks when we pulled the tape up. I contacted Jed and asked what he’d charge to come fix it (I admitted it was FULLY my mistake). He wrote back and said, “no charge; this one’s on me.” What a guy! I love this guy.

Absolutely nothing negative to say about V Stained Concrete. This review probably seems fishy, but cross-my-heart-hope-to-die that it’s completely legit. He just did a fantastic job and I wanted him to have this review for future clients.