We did a complete remodel of a 1960 house and of course, our plans included the floors. Our general contractor put us in touch with Jed and we are happy he did.

Luckily most of the house had been carpeted and the floor was in good shape. Jed came out, looked over everything, and outlined the process. The floor was colored concrete (brown) and we were originally thinking of leaving them that color. Jed took the time to show us different color samples and make a recommendation on what color he thought we should go with. We were still unsure so after they ground down the first layer, he did a couple of color samples in the area we knew the fridge would go. We decided to go with Jed‘s recommendation and make the floors a little darker than the original color and it looks great. It was the right call for sure.

One area we were concerned about was the dining room, which had old linoleum squares laid on with thick black glue. Jed was upfront and told us there may be “ghosting” from the old tiles but his team did a great job and there is no sign of the old tiles at all. They also filled in all the cracks and holes left from carpet tacks, etc. in such a way that their appearance is minimal (and if anything adds a little historical character to the house).

We are very happy with the way our floors turned out and highly recommend Jed and his team.